• Luxire Shorts

    Pair your Luxire shorts with a cool polo to beat the summer or just to enjoy the relaxed feel

    Luxire Shorts 
  • Untucked Shirts

    Untucked shirt: A well fitting shirt, of the right length, looks elegant when worn untucked. In the right situations, it enhances your personality and makes you look cool

    Untucked Shirts 

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Men’s Custom Shirts, Pants, Jackets & Suits

Luxire’s Custom Clothing for Men

Made from premium materials, our luxurious custom clothing is both fashionable, practical and durable. Each of our timeless pieces can be made to your measurements and style preferences to ensure a perfect fit and personalized look!

Custom Shirts for Men

Choose from classic solids or patterns including checkered, gingham and striped custom shirts in a variety of colors, weights and textures. Compliment your wardrobe with custom-made dress shirts and casual shirts that will give you maximum comfort in every season. Explore our collections of linen shirts, checked shirts, polo shirts, oxford shirts for work or casual weekends. We even offer tuxedo shirts for your next formal event! 

Custom Pants for Men

Our collections of men’s custom pants includes linen pants, chino pants, jeans and cargo pants, made from high-quality, durable fabrics. You’ll find many options that are perfect for the office, travel or special occasions.

Custom Men’s Suits

Create your perfect fitting suit from our collection of men's custom suits. Made-to-measure with only the finest fabrics such as wool made in Italy.

Custom Shirt Jackets & Vests

Our custom men’s shirt jackets, or "shackets," are the perfect blend of a shirt's comfort and a jacket's warmth. A versatile and stylish option for transitional seasons. For outdoor activities or layering under a coat in colder weather, shop our men's vests.

Custom Shoes for Men

Complete your wardrobe with our custom shoes and boots for men, skillfully crafted with European leather.

Shop Custom Men's Clothing Shipped Worldwide

We offer fast shipping worldwide on all of our custom shirts, custom pants, suits, jackets and shoes. Ordering is easy, shop online today!